We are in the process of compiling this web directory of SMEs in Ireland who sell online. In the current situation where the coronavirus is impacting on small businesses, we hope that this can in some way support SMEs by making it easier for people to buy from small companies in Ireland.

This is a work in progress (so bear with us) and we will keep adding to and improving the website and the listings over the coming weeks and months. If anybody would like to get involved in terms of helping to improve, promote or provide constructive feedback on this site, feel free to contact us on contact@aura.ie

This is a free listing service for Irish SMEs, who have the facility on their website to sell products, services, courses, or information online. We are a SME/Micro Enterprise (we like labels 😉 ) ourselves. We work with lots of small companies and we know their role and importance in local communities and the contribution they make to the Irish economy.

Some of the companies listed are or have been clients for whom we created a website or delivered training, some were sent to us and some we found. As of this morning, 19/03/2020, we have 101 SMEs listed – we’d like to get to 1001! There may be a slight North East bias, because that’s where we know best, but this is an all-Ireland website and we will gladly accept listings from anywhere in Ireland.

Please do have a read of our Ts & Cs & See our Get Listed page on how to join in

From the Team @aura.ie